3 Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

Don’t Buy A New Website Before Asking Your Web Designer These Questions…

With so much at stake for business today, you can’t afford not to get your online activities right first time.

Websites are expensive and because many business owners don’t have a comprehensive understanding of what they need, mistakes can easily be made during the buying process.

What Do You Need To Ask?

There are three things that can have a dramatic effect on your websites ability to perform for you online.

  1. Server load speed
  2. Mobile device compatibility
  3. Searching and friendliness

Server Load Speed

If your website doesn’t load very quickly when a visitor requests to view a page then Google won’t rank you very highly in search. This is a very common issue with all the servers and code heavy web design.

Every line of HTML code used to render your website takes time to download and interpret. Modern HTML 5 websites use optimised code to reduce the DNS requests necessary to render your website on any device.

In addition to this the hosting server that you choose needs to be fit for purpose. If you buy purely on price then you run the risk of hosting your website on an old, outdated and slow server.

Speed is everything, the faster your website loads the better it will perform, the more people will find and the more money it will generate for you. Ask your web designer if your site will load quickly.

Responsive Mobile Design

Modern HTML 5 websites automatically serve optimised webpages depending on the screen size and device being used. This gives users the best version of your content for their device.

With over 50% of Google searches being carried out on phones and tablets you can’t afford not to have a mobile friendly website.

If your site isn’t compatible then it becomes extremely difficult for users to explore your website, navigate and make purchase. To be successful you need to make your website as simple and easy-to-use as it possibly can be.

Ask your web designer if your website will be mobile friendly.

Search Engine Friendliness

Being search engine friendly is just a matter of making sure that each of your pages contains the right keywords and/or variations of those keywords in the key indicators that search engines use to establish what you’re page is about.

The most important indicators are;

  • Page title
  • H1 heading tag
  • Page text
  • Alt text of images

Each page needs to be focused on a different keyword, search term or phrase. The important thing to remember is not to over optimise your content by repeatedly using the same keywords as much as possible. Write naturally and include variations of words and related terms as and when required.

Make sure you ask your web designer to make your website search engine friendly. If he doesn’t know what you are talking about then you need to review your website with a comprehensive appraisal from deehoseo.com who analyse not just your design, but because they are a full service SEO Company, analyse everything behind the scenes that makes your site function across all search and social mediums.