Roads & Building in the UK

Building Roads in the UK

Ancient history tells us of the origins of travel and communications, of how, thousands of years ago, artefacts crafted from far distant lands arrived in ancient Britain.

Trade routes, such as the Silk Road, or the Amber Road brought goods from far East to far West, but the idea of “road” is something of a misconception.

Stoney, dusty tracks in the summer, mud and flood in the winter, these ancient trails were roads by Continue reading “Roads & Building in the UK”

Secure Online Shopping

Enjoying Online Shopping Securely

In 1994, the artist Sting released a new album called “10 summoner’s tales”, not a particularly notable event, other than by coincidence it became the first item purchased on line. It was around £7.50, todays online shopping in the UK has overtaken the £100 billion mark.

This establishes the trend, or indeed life-style of online shopping that is here today and is used at times by a huge Continue reading “Secure Online Shopping”

3 Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

Don’t Buy A New Website Before Asking Your Web Designer These Questions…

With so much at stake for business today, you can’t afford not to get your online activities right first time.

Websites are expensive and because many business owners don’t have a comprehensive understanding of what they need, mistakes can easily be made during the Continue reading “3 Questions To Ask Your Web Designer”

First Aid in the Work Place

A look at First Aid in the Work Place

First Aid at work can mean many different things. There are as many first aid different situations as there are different types and places of work.

The requirements of a construction site will be different from those of an office based environment, however, by law any work place, even those employing fewer than five people must adhere to certain standards.

People at work can sustain injury, or become unwell at any time and it is important that they are able to receive Continue reading “First Aid in the Work Place”